18% of Americans believe in Taylor Swift and Joe Biden conspiracy, poll claims

A new poll from Monmouth University revealed that 18% of Americans think that Taylor Swift is involved in a plot to help Joe Biden secure a second term as president in the 2024 election.

Why some Americans think Taylor Swift is part of a plot to re-elect Joe Biden(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo)

The recent poll also showed that 46% of Americans had heard of this conspiracy theory, which has been circulating in some conservative media outlets.

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Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, commented on the results in a statement on Tuesday. He said, “The supposed Taylor Swift psyop conspiracy has legs among a decent number of Trump supporters. Even many who hadn’t heard about it before we polled them accept the idea as credible. Welcome to the 2024 election.”

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All part of a plan

The conspiracy theory claims that Swift, who publicly supported Biden over Trump in 2020, is dating Travis Kelce, the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team, as part of a scheme to influence voters.

The theory also suggests that Swift was planning to perform at the half-time show of the Super Bowl last Sunday, where she would endorse Biden for his expected rematch with Trump in the presidential race. However, Swift did not appear at the event, nor did Kelce propose to her, as some had speculated.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers, which the conspiracy theory alleges was another component of Biden’s nefarious plan. Biden’s social media team tweeted a “Dark Brandon” meme, featuring him with laser eyes, and the message: “Just like we drew it up.”

Trump, who has not conceded his defeat in 2020, accused Swift of being “disloyal” if she endorsed Biden again, because she had benefited from the Music Modernization Act, a law that addressed the issue of royalties from streaming services and was passed during Trump’s presidency.

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What else the poll says

The Monmouth poll also found that 73% of Americans did not believe in the Taylor Swift conspiracy, while 9% were unsure. Of those who believed in the conspiracy, 71% identified with or leaned towards the Republican party, and 83% said they would vote for Trump in November.

The poll also indicated that 68% of Americans approved of Swift encouraging her fans to vote, but there was a partisan divide: 88% of Democrats and 42% of Republicans shared this view.

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