$2bn Powerball winner adds vintage Porsche to his collection, here’s how Edwin Castro has been splurging

A California man named Edwin Castro, who won the largest Powerball in US history last year, has reportedly bought another vintage car. The 31-year-old became an overnight billionaire after getting $2.04 billion in a California lottery. $997.6 million was thus added to his bank account.

Edwin Castro became an overnight billionaire after getting $2.04 billion in a California lottery (Edwin Castro/Facebook)

After various expensive purchases, Edwin has now bought another Porsche, according to The Mirror. He was recently spotted in the car. He had previously purchased another vintage green 1970s Porsche 911 SC, among many other luxury cars he owns. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bill Gates, and Jerry Seinfeld are known for owning vintage Porsche 911s.

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Edwin Castro’s luxurious life

After the win, Edwin bought two large multimillion-dollar mansions in California in one month. His first purchase was a $25.5 million estate in the Hollywood Hills, and then a $4 million mansion that offers a stunning view of the San Gabriel Mountains.

In September, Edwin reportedly bought an extremely luxurious $47 million mansion in Los Angeles. The new home is set on a 4700-square-metre block. It has as many as seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, as well as various other remarkable amenities.

The home houses DJ turntables that rise up from the ground. There is a champagne tasting room, a wine cellar, a suspended glass walkway, a theatre, as well as an infinity pool that overlooks Los Angeles.

Edwin is reportedly working with his younger brother, a 27-year-old banker named Jesse, to help manage his assets. “They are a team and they’re very grounded,” a source told New York Post. “They’re not into partying. They’re not out in clubs otherwise everybody would see them.”

“The only pictures that they have are of him coming out of his lawyer’s [office] or the bank. That’s who they are. They are just normal people,” the insider added.

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