Adult film star Stormy Daniels faces ‘death threats’ amid Trump Hush money trial; ‘wanted to die..’

Stormy Daniels, entangled in Donald Trump’s hush money trial, believes there’s “no end to her ordeal.” Amid the ongoing legal battle, the adult film star has disclosed that she is facing a barrage of death threats. The amount of backlash has only increased in the wake of the trial, leaving Daniels in a state of profound distress. Earlier, her lawyer claimed that despite the former president being on trial, it was his client who needed to wear a bulletproof vest every now and then. With Trump eyeing the White House for a second time, she fears that the situation will get even worse.

A combination photo shows adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels speaking in New York City, and US President Donald Trump speaking in Washington, Michigan, US on April 16, 2018 and April 28, 2018 respectively.(REUTERS)

Stormy Daniels ‘receiving death threats’

Speaking to The Mirror, Daniels said, “Back in 2018, there was stuff like ‘liar,’ ‘sl**,’ ‘gold digger.’ This time around, it’s different. It is direct threats. It is ‘I’m going to come to your house to slit your throat.” For unversed, the trial of Donald Trump is coming to a close. After almost five weeks of testimony, the prosecution and defence have wrapped up their cases in an epic hush-money trial. Closing arguments are set to begin on Tuesday, and then the jury will begin to weigh in.

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Should the outcome turn unfavourable for Trump, he would mark a historic moment, as the first former US president to face a criminal conviction, particularly when he is currently campaigning for the next presidential election with a solid voter base. Trump’s supporters are growing increasingly agitated, and abuse directed towards Daniels has heightened following reports suggesting a high likelihood of Trump facing charges.

Threats escalate against Stormy Daniels as Hush Money trail nears end

“They’re not even using bot accounts, they’re using their real accounts,” Daniel says, stressing that people are so angry because they think she played a role in bringing down Donald Trump that they have defended themselves and their behaviour as justifiable.

“I compare them to suicide bombers. They legitimately think that what they’re doing is right. Those people who see me as a villain. “It just makes me scratch my head and really question how they would want their daughters treated, or their sisters, or their mother.” The adult star, alleged to have been paid $130,000 by Trump, further commented.

The case centres on 34 criminal charges accusing the former president of falsifying business records in connection with a hush money payment paid to Daniels in 2016. The payment, made by Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, is believed to have been made to buy Daniels’ silence about the alleged affair at a critical time in the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump denies any wrongdoing, including the alleged affairs. As the trial draws to a conclusion, her remarks will be highlighted in a brand-new television documentary titled Stormy, which will premiere in the UK on Tuesday night on Channel 5.

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“I wanted to die. If I had all of these legal bills piled up. I would never have been able to pay them. And Clark (her attorney) is the only one who never charged me and kept fighting for me. I can’t even imagine where I would be.” Daniels was heard speaking her heart out in one of the segment of the documentary.

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