Agadir in turmoil: Parking Security Slips to Parliament

A chaotic situation is gathering momentum in Agadir, the pearl of Morocco’s south, as the uproar over parking security has reached unexpected heights, even drawing the attention of parliament.

In an incisive missive addressed to the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, the eminent deputy Khaled Chenaq strongly denounces the worrying scenario unfolding in the streets of the city. “Agadir is witness to a real anarchy with regard to the guarding of vehicles in parking lots,” he writes. “Streets, alleys, squares and areas adjacent to various public facilities and shops are overrun with multitudes of people, who illegally block car traffic. They demand a right of way from vehicle owners, thus imposing fees varying between 10 and 30 dirhams, even for a single minute. »

MP Chenaq strongly points out that this situation has not been welcomed by the majority of car owners, who see it as an overt theft perpetrated with force and intimidation. The incidents sometimes turned into verbal altercations and acts of physical violence.

Faced with this alarming situation, MP Chenaq directly questioned Minister Laftit on the concrete measures that the Ministry of the Interior plans to take to counter this wave of disorder. He also points to the many inconveniences suffered by citizens, often targeted by the “yellow vests”, which disrupt the streets and alleys of Agadir.

The future of parking security in Agadir remains uncertain, but one thing is certain: the city will not remain silent in the face of this growing problem. Eyes are now on the authorities for quick and effective solutions to restore order and tranquility to the busy streets of this popular tourist destination in Morocco.

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