Alert in Asilah: Enigmatic Appearance of an Unidentified Feline

Great panic gripped the residents of the town of Asilah this Monday, May 27, after the sudden appearance of a strange animal, filmed by a local resident. The video, widely shared on social networks, shows an animal resembling a small leopard, seen on a farm at the entrance to the city.

Mobilization of Local Authorities

Local authorities reacted immediately after this video was broadcast. A civil protection team, accompanied by local authorities and some residents, launched intensive search operations in the area where the animal was seen. The search is focused around Asilah station, where the animal was observed walking in an orchard before disappearing.

Debates on Animal Identity

Speculation is rife regarding the identity of the animal. Initially, some thought it was a leopard. However, informed sources have refuted this hypothesis, indicating that the animal could be a “Serval” or “tiger cat”, a species of medium-sized feline native to Africa. This same animal was reportedly seen a month ago in a forest in Tangier.

Alert in Asilah: Enigmatic Appearance of an Unidentified Feline

Protection of an Endangered Species

The National Agency for Water and Forests stressed that the tiger cat, spotted in a forest near Tangier, is a species “on the verge of extinction”. In response to testimonies and information relayed online, the agency, in collaboration with local authorities and the Royal Gendarmerie, launched a sweeping campaign to find the animal and confirm these observations.

Impact on the Population

This incident highlights the concerted efforts between different authorities to ensure the safety of residents and the protection of this rare species. The situation remains developing, with local authorities actively continuing their search to locate the animal and ensure no danger threatens the population.

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