Alert in Morocco: Nicotine Gums Under Fire from Pharmacists

Moroccan pharmacists are warning of a new threat to public health: nicotine gum, promoted as a miracle cure for smoking and depression, is invading social networks without any official regulation.

Abdelrazak Al-Minfalouti, president of the National Syndicate of Pharmacists, denounces these products as “unauthorized food supplements, potentially dangerous for the health of consumers.” Despite their promoters’ claims of their safety, no scientific evidence supports these allegations.

Moroccan health and social welfare authorities are closely monitoring this worrying proliferation, fearing serious side effects for those who use them. Discussions are underway with the ministry to strengthen regulation and sanction offenders.

Nicotine Gums

The warning comes after a similar alert issued by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2022, highlighting the health risks to young people due to the easy accessibility of these products.

Recent studies confirm the dangers associated with the use of these unregulated products, including an increased risk of lung cancer among users.

In conclusion, as demand for smoking cessation solutions increases, it is crucial for consumers to turn to methods approved by health authorities to avoid risks to their health. The need for strict regulation and education on the potential dangers of non-validated products is more urgent than ever to protect public health in Morocco.

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