Alert in Morocco: Outbreak of Food Poisoning in Summer

As the summer season begins, Morocco is facing a growing concern: food poisoning. The Moroccan Federation of Consumer Rights has issued a stern warning, reporting an increase in cases of food poisoning that have already resulted in deaths, jeopardizing the country’s tourist appeal and investment.

In a press release, the Federation stressed the urgency of the situation, calling on authorities to take immediate action to prevent further tragedies. “We must act quickly to prevent these dangerous poisonings that continue to occur at an alarming rate,” a representative of the Federation said.

Preventive Measures and Calls to Action

To counter this worrying rise, the Consumer Rights Federation is proposing several preventive measures. It is calling for the establishment of a certification requirement for all food sellers, accompanied by regular health inspections. In addition, it is insisting on the strict application of existing regulations to assess and prevent the risks of food poisoning.

Furthermore, the organization called for legislative reforms, including the review of the attribution of licenses by health offices, to ensure adequate and non-politicized supervision of these critical processes.

Reinforced Vigilance and Rigorous Monitoring

In response to this emerging crisis, the Federation also recommends the strengthening of licensing committees under the authority of local governments to improve the management and monitoring of food practices. It also advocates the adoption of more rigorous traceability systems for food products susceptible to contamination.

The concerns come as fast food and snack bars are particularly under fire for their food management practices during the summer period, when domestic tourism is at its peak.

In conclusion, the situation requires a coordinated and effective response from the Moroccan authorities to preserve public health and maintain the country’s tourist reputation. Increased vigilance and immediate implementation of corrective measures are crucial to avoid an escalation of food poisoning incidents and to ensure consumer safety.

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