Alex Jones breaks down in tears, says authorities threatened to shut down his studio: ‘I was duped by someone’

American radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has claimed that authorities have threatened to shut down his studio. Breaking down on his show, he said, “I’ve been targeted for abuse. I was duped by someone. Federal files in secret have claimed that I’m committing crimes.”

Alex Jones breaks down in tears, says authorities threatened to shut down his studio (@CollinRugg/X)

“This was untrue, of course… This may be my final performance,” he added.

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Jones is believed to have spent the night at his studio last night. He warned that he would call local police.

In a post on X, the right-wing television personality recently said that authorities were trying to “shut down” his website, InfoWars. “Breaking: Feds Attempting To Shut Down Infowars Tonight!” he wrote.

‘Alex slept in his studio last night’

Mike Adams, another conspiracy theorist, and self-appointed “food scientist” and “health ranger,” shed light on a few details. Taking to X, he wrote, “Alex Jones just broadcast today that government is right now in the process of attempting to illegally seize the InfoWars studios, to put locks on the doors, then force liquidate all broadcast assets, to silence @RealAlexJones. Alex slept in his studio last night and has publicly said he would call local police to stop the illegal federal raid on his studios. Details are coming in slowly, situation is uncertain.”

“Not able to verify everything at this time, but everyone should pray for @RealAlexJones and the InfoWars operation, pray for their safety and for their defense against a corrupt cabal of government thugs who have “convicted” #Trump of a made-up crime and are now shutting down prominent alt media in America. See Infowars dot com slash “show” to see Alex’s broadcast from earlier today to hear details straight from him,” he added.

Jones asked a right-wing attorney on air for advice on how he could prevent authorities from shutting down his studio. “This signifies weakness by them,” Jones said. “They won’t leave me alone.”

The lawyer claimed that attorneys used the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting as “political pawns.” Jones was accused of spreading lies and conspiracy theories about the attack, following which he was asked to pay restitution to the families.

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