Andrew Tate takes down Super Bowl craze, links it to Gaza crisis, ‘You’re complicit’

Super Bowl 2024 ended with American singer Taylor Swift and her boyfriend-footballer Travis Kelce enjoying the stunning win of Kansas City Chiefs against San Francisco 49ers. As soon as the duo’s pictures of hugging and kissing went viral on social media, former kickboxer-turned-influencer took a shot at Swift who was seen enjoying beer during the the annual league championship game of the National Football League (NFL).

Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate(AP )

After the Super Bowl kicked off, the 37-year-old American-British tweeted “going to sleep”, seemingly taking a jibe at the craze and fanfare surrounding the mega football event. Following his tweet, many of his fans and followers wondered if he watched the Super Bowl. Ending the speculations, Tate in another post on X (formerly Twitter) wrote, “didn’t watch it”.

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He then lambasted Swift for enjoying a beer during the event and even called the Super Bowl “rigged”. Tate further took the opportunity to highlight the plight of Gazan children amidst the Israel-Hamas war, stressing that “they are blowing children to pieces in Gaza”

“See something on twitter about Taylor with a beer and it being rigged bla bla. THEY ARE BLOWING CHILDREN TO PIECES IN GAZA. 3 year old girls are buried under rubble and being recovered missing their limbs,” he wrote.

“And they did it while you watched that shit. You’re complicit,” Tate, who is known for making bold and offensive comments on women, added.

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Tate’s rant against Swift didn’t end here. Reacting to a video shared by British journalist Piers Morgan in which the American singer is seen chugging beer with her friend during the Super Bowl, the controversial social media personality called her action “Haram”.

Nearly 12,300 Palestinian minors killed amid Israel-Hamas war

Israel’s attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip has resulted in the deaths of almost 12,300 Palestinian minors, the Health Ministry in the Hamas-controlled territory told Associated Press.

According to the ministry, minors made up about 47% of the 28,176 Palestinians killed so far in the war. Approximately 8,400 women have lost their lives in the conflict.

According to Israeli officials, around 1,200 people—mostly civilians—were killed during Hamas’ cross-border raid on October 7 and 250 were taken hostage by them.

Israel claims that approximately 100 captives are still held by Hamas, even though dozens were set free during the cease-fire in November.

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