Atlanta embraces tech and fun for 404 day, here’s why and how it’s being celebrated

Atlantans are revelling in their city’s unique digital identity today, April 4th, as they celebrate 404 Day. From tech giants to local restaurants, the whole city is getting in on the fun.

Atlanta celebrates 404 Day on April 4 every year

Why celebrate 404 Day?

Atlanta celebrates 404 Day on April 4th every year. The date 4/04 mirrors the HTTP error code “404 Not Found,” indicating the requested web page cannot be found. And, of course, Atlanta’s area code is 404. Atlanta celebrates its booming tech industry alongside its area code on April 4.

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What to do in Atlanta for 404 Day?

The city offers a plethora of ways to join the 404 Day festivities

Immerse yourself in tech: The Georgia Tech College of Computing is hosting a day of special events and exhibits, showcasing the latest advancements and Atlanta’s thriving tech scene.

Indulge in 404-themed treats: Many restaurants and bars are offering creative 404-themed dishes and drinks. Get your hands on a “404 File Not Found” burger or a refreshing “Page Not Found” cocktail!

Score some deals: Businesses across Atlanta are hosting online contests and giveaways. You might just snag some amazing 404 Day swag or discounts.

Share your Atlanta love: Take to social media and share your favourite memories of Atlanta using the hashtag #404DayATL.

There is an Instagram page dedicated to all things 404, @404day, where all the things happening around Atlanta are being updated.

Not just that, there is even a website page dedicated to 404 day where you can buy tickets, get to know about shows happening around the city, and buy some merchandise as well.

People are showing their excitement with comments such as, “🔥beautiful weather too Atliens😎☀️”.

Even those who have left the city showcase their excitemnt , with one user commenting, “@404day Will y’all be broadcasting it live on Instagram like y’all did last year for those who don’t live in the city anymore?”

and others pouring in their enthusiasm with a stream of comments like this one, “Can’t wait!! 🔥🔥🔥”

So, if you’re in Atlanta today, be sure to join the 404 Day celebrations. There’s something for everyone, and it’s a great way to experience something new.

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