Barron Trump’s peers reveal what he’s like as he wraps up studies at swanky Florida school

Barron Trump’s peers have opened up on what the former president’s son is like after he bid farewell to his private school. Barron, 18, wrapped up his studies at the swanky Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, Florida. Here, the Trumps reportedly spend $41,500 for tuition.

Barron Trump’s peers spill the beans on what he’s like (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)(AP)

The elite school is located on a lush 54-acre estate. It has posh sports facilities and also boasts an aviation programme for students who aim to become pilots. The institution demands that each pupil carry a MacBook Air.

As Barron finishes school, it is believed that his parents, Donald and Melania Trump, are busy planning the next chapter of his life. Some speculate that he might opt for a career in sports.

Donald previously told ex-Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that he and his wife are pondering on whether to enrol Barron into the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League institution that three of his half-siblings, and Donald himself, attended.

Barron was previously educated at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. While parting, he arranged for his entire fifth-grade class to visit the White House. At the time, as many as 80 students, and their teachers and Secret Service agents, travelled to Washington to visit Donald, who was the then-president.

‘He’s very nice’

Meanwhile, a girl who claims to be an Oxbridge Academy student commented on a TikTok video of Barron, revealing what he is like. When a teenager asked what kind of a person the former president’s son is behind closed doors, the girl wrote, “He’s very nice.”

Back in 2020, on TikTok, a girl who claimed to have been in Barron’s class at Columbia Grammar revealed that she and Barron dated. Maddie (@maddatitude) wrote, “I went to school with Barron Trump, and he was my first “bf”. When Trump got in, he took the whole class to the White House.” She wrote the comment on a video featuring Barron and herself.

When a user asked in the comment section, “Was he a good person?”, the poster replied, “The best”. Maddie also wrote about Barron being “first kiss” and added that she “did know him very well up until 5th grade”.

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