Béni Mellal: A Devastating Fire Engulfs a Furniture Store

A fire of impressive scale broke out yesterday evening in a shopping district of Béni Mellal. Captivating images of the conflagration quickly circulated on social media, attracting attention and causing concern.

The flames, described as “spectacular” by witnesses, engulfed a furniture and domestic equipment store on Rue Mohammed V. Despite the violence of the fire, no casualties were reported, a true miracle in the middle horror.

The Civil Protection emergency services were immediately dispatched to the scene, responding to the distress call from traders and local residents. Thanks to their heroic intervention, the firefighters managed to contain the flames, thus avoiding an even greater disaster.

While the investigation into the causes of the fire is ongoing, local authorities have ensured the safety of residents by taking all necessary measures. Shocking images of the fire continue to make the rounds in the media, reminding everyone of the fragility of life in the face of the destructive force of fire.

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