Controversy in Harhoura: New Parking Rates Cause Debate

Residents of Harhoura, a coastal town near Rabat, are in uproar following the introduction of parking fees deemed excessive by the municipal council. The move immediately sparked criticism among the local population, exacerbated by a comparison with the rates charged in Rabat.

Now, parking in Harhoura costs 5 dirhams for less than an hour, 8 dirhams for one to two hours, and up to 400 dirhams for a daily pass. In contrast, Rabat offers significantly lower rates with 2 dirhams for 40 minutes and a monthly pass of 100 dirhams for residents. This disparity has fueled discontent among residents who have expressed their concerns on social media.


The reactions were swift, with critics railing against what they see as a measure that penalizes residents and potentially harms local tourism. The Harhoura authorities have yet to publicly respond to the criticism, leaving doubts about any future adjustments.

The controversy raises questions about the economic and social impact of the new pricing policies in Harhoura. Residents and observers are waiting to see how local authorities will handle the situation, and whether compromises will be considered to address community concerns.

In short, this decision regarding parking fees in Harhoura has sparked intense debate and highlighted tensions around local urban policies. Time will tell whether these fees will remain in place or whether changes will be made to appease critics and restore harmony within the community.

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