Cry of Anger among Moroccans Abroad

Members of the Moroccan community abroad are expressing outrage at prohibitive travel costs as they prepare for their summer returns home. The main concern is the continued rise in ticket prices, both for sea crossings and air flights.

Many people believe that these prices, applied during this time of year, are unjustified and far exceed the financial means of families, forcing some to abandon their travel plans. This situation is causing growing concern among those wanting to reconnect with their roots in Morocco.

Criticism abounds against government explanations deemed insufficient, in particular the argument of free competition and freedom of prices. Calls are increasing for concrete measures to resolve the crisis of high travel costs for Moroccan expatriates, many of whom are planning their summer vacations with family.

The repercussions of this situation reached Parliament, where the parliamentary group of the Popular Movement in the House of Representatives addressed a written question to the Minister of Transport and Logistics. They are calling for solutions to improve financial accessibility to transport and mobility for Moroccan expatriates.

The parliamentary group underlines the commitment of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the concerns of the Moroccan diaspora, highlighting his speeches and directives aimed at seriously addressing their needs. They call for the establishment of legislative frameworks and public policies adapted to effectively support expatriates.

Idriss Sentissi, MP who signed the parliamentary question, insists on the need for real social governance, capable of concretizing the principles of national solidarity through concrete initiatives to support Moroccan expatriates.

As the summer holidays approach, with millions of Moroccans preparing their return to the country, the parliamentary group is calling on the Ministry of Transport and Logistics on the measures envisaged to offer affordable transport prices. They also call for a review of domestic transport and car rental prices to facilitate expatriates’ access to their places of residence.

In response to the growing demand for transport services from Moroccan expatriates, the group advocates for the creation of new maritime and air transport companies, in order to reduce dependence on foreign companies and to positively influence prices.

This situation reflects a growing mobilization within the Moroccan diaspora and its parliamentary representatives, awaiting concrete measures to respond to the financial challenges faced by expatriates during their travels to Morocco.

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