Delta Boeing 757 to Colombia loses tire before takeoff at Atlanta airport: ‘Looks like it went off the runway’

A Delta flight to Colombia experienced a serious mechanical issue over the weekend, when one of its front tires came off as it was getting ready for takeoff.

FILE – A Delta Airlines jet is pulled into position at left next to aircraft operated by Northwest Airlines. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)(AP)

The incident is the latest in a series of troubles for Boeing, the manufacturer of the 757 plane.

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The flight was on the runway at the Atlanta International Airport around noon, when another pilot noticed the tire falling off and alerted the control tower and the Delta crew.

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‘Saw that tire roll off the runway’

“Hey, Tower, the 75 on the runway just lost the nose tire,” the pilot of the next plane in the takeoff queue said, according to audio obtained by VASAviation.

“Delta 982, this is the aircraft looking at you. One of your nose tires just came off,” the pilot continued.

“Thanks for that… sounds like we got a problem,” the Delta pilot responded.

The tire rolled across the runway and went down an embankment, as reported by the pilot who saw it.

“Yeah, we saw that tire roll off the runway to the south,” the other pilot says.

“Looks like it went off the runway, probably down the bank down there.”

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The control tower and the pilots discussed how to deal with the situation, as the Delta plane blocked the runway and other flights had to wait.

“Are you gonna route us to another runway? ‘Cause this looks like it could be quite a while,” a Southwest pilot asked the tower.

“We’re in the process. There’s a lot of moving parts behind the scenes. Give me a second,” the control tower replied.

After three hours, the Delta plane was finally moved from the tarmac, and the other flights were rerouted to different runways. A maintenance team was sent to find the tire and investigate the cause of the problem.

At the time of writing this article, the exact reason for the tire mishap is unknown.

This is not the first time that Boeing has faced scrutiny for its planes’ performance. Recently, a 737 Max 9 plane operated by Alaska Airlines lost a door plug during a flight from Oregon to California, raising safety concerns.

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