Dennis Quaid declares he will vote for ‘most investigated person’ Trump, hails him for defeating ISIS in three weeks

Actor Dennis Quaid on Tuesday announced that he would vote for former president Donald Trump during the November elections, leaving Piers Morgan startled during an appearance on his show Uncensored.

Dennis Quaid further said that he is prepared to face any criticism that will “inevitably” result from his public endorsement of Donald Trump. (AP )

Admitting that he had voted for the Republican Party in 2016 and in 2020, The Lawmen: Bass Reeves actor said he would sometimes shudder at what Trump had stated. However, he has decided to vote for the former president because he likes the way he conducted himself during his administration.

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“As president, the only thing I liked about Trump was everything he did,” he stated.

Quaid further said that he is prepared to face any criticism that will “inevitably” result from his public endorsement of Trump. “It just seems to make sense,” he stated.

‘What is the crime?’: Dennis Quaid on Trump’s hush money case

Conversing with Morgan, Quaid mentioned that he had not always supported the businessman-turned-politician, who is accused in four criminal proceedings.

“I was ready to not vote for Trump until more than politics, I see a weaponisation of our justice system a challenge to our constitution that us as Americans, I don’t think we’re going to have.”

Stressing on Trump’s criminal cases, the actor said, “Trump is the most investigated person probably in the history of the world, and they haven’t been able to really get him on anything.”

The Parent Trap actor then expressed frustration over 77-year-old’s hush money battle with former adult film star Stormy Daniels, asking: “What is the crime? I still can’t figure it out.”

“Neither can they, because they haven’t said what it is. They’ve taken a misdemeanour that’s run out of its time and somehow trying to turn it into a felony but they won’t say what that is.”

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Dennis Quaid hails Trump for his achievement

Highlighting Trump’s achievements, the actor went on to call Trump ” a leader”, who “stands up to people”.

“What he did with Korea, with Rocket baby, he defeated ISIS in three weeks, how he stood up for us overseas and the way he responded to China.”

Quaid then expressed his admiration for the Republican leader, stating that “I really feel like he’s working for the American people.”

In national polls, Trump leads incumbent President Joe Biden by a small but considerable margin, and he also leads the Democrat in most battleground state surveys. Voters have expressed dissatisfaction with Biden for inflation, and indicated increasing confidence in Trump’s ability to manage the economy.

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