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Misfits Boxing had threatened to cancel the upcoming boxing match between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul if Danis did not delete a leaked image of Nina Agdal that he posted on X.

The highly anticipated fight between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul is set to take place in October, and it could be one of the most explosive influencer boxing events yet, thanks to their ongoing feud on social media.

For weeks, Danis has been posting about Logan Paul’s fiancée, Danish model Nina Agdal. He shared photos of her alongside rich and famous men, implying she had slept with them, as well as images of the model wearing suggestive clothing or naked.

This led to a series of harassments towards Agdal, and she eventually retaliated against Danis by filing a full lawsuit on September 6.

In the suit, Agdal claimed he suffered “humiliation, emotional distress, and harm to his reputation” due to Danis’ incessant posts about him, and even alleged that one of his posts violated federal and state law.

Misfits Boxing threatened to cancel Logan vs. Dillon because of Nina Agdal photo

That’s not all ; court documents also state that Danis posted a photo of Nina in “full frontal nudity,” which he did not delete until Misfits Boxing forced him to do so by threatening to cancel his fight with Paul if he did not comply.

“At some point, Danis ended up reluctantly deleting the post containing the photograph,” paragraph 32 of Agdal’s suit reads. “Misfits Boxing, the promoter of Danis’ fight with Paul, ordered Danis to remove the post and threatened to cancel the fight if he did not comply. »

The photo in question was allegedly taken during a romantic encounter more than a decade ago and was taken without Agdal’s consent, according to the suit.

“At the time the photo was removed, it had been viewed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of times, and had been saved and shared countless times,” the suit reads.

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