Donald Trump quips Marjorie Taylor Greene should ‘be nice’ to House Speaker Mike Johnson

Former US President Donald Trump lightened the mood in a closed-door House Republican Conference meeting Thursday by jokingly asking Marjorie Taylor Greene to “be nice” to House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Trump humorously advises Greene on relations with Speaker Johnson amid GOP unity efforts.(CNN)

Is Trump now trying to maintain unity within the GOP rank ahead of the November election? Maybe yes, but only just.

“He came in, talked to the conference, was very honest. He was funny, he was joking around with everyone and he was really sweet to me,” MTG told CNN.

Trump’s jest came about a month after Greene initiated a motion to vacate against Johnson with bipartisan support, including from Democrats and most Republicans.

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Trying to oust Mike Jhonson is ‘unfortunate’

The former president had previously called for tabling the resolution in a statement on Truth Social, posted shortly after the vote concluded. He called MTG’s push to oust Johnson very “unfortunate.”

“We’re getting along very well with the speaker — and I get along very well with Marjorie,” Trump said.

The Hill reported that Trump playfully asked Greene to treat the House Speaker with kindness and “be nice” to him.

Greene confirmed the exchange while speaking to reporters after the meeting. “President Trump noticed me, although I was sitting quite far back, and he greeted me, saying ‘hello Marjorie.’ He jokingly asked, ‘Are you being nice to Speaker Johnson?’ I responded with a gesture,” Greene recounted, waving her hand back and forth.

“He then said, ‘Okay, you be nice to him,’” Greene continued. “He also acknowledged that I am loyal to him, showing up wherever he goes and supporting him. He told everyone in the room that I’m very capable, and I always appreciate President Trump.”

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Since assuming the role of Speaker after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) ousting, Johnson and Greene have had a strained relationship.

Greene has publicly criticized Johnson’s policy decisions on various issues, including Ukraine aid, government funding, and surveillance powers, leading up to her motion against him.

The attempt to oust Johnson was short-lived. With bipartisan cooperation, Republicans quickly moved to table Greene’s resolution and effectively deposed the challenge.

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