Donald Trump reacts to ‘crooked’ Biden’s debates challenge, and the first one to take place in ‘beautiful Atlanta’

It seems the speculations over whether former US President Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden will debate before the November 5 elections have arrived at a conclusion. Biden’s re-election campaign on Wednesday suggested two crucial debates, one in late June, and another in September. Soon after the proposal, Trump announced on Truth Social that he was “ready and willing to debate crooked Joe at the two proposed times”.

It seems the speculations over whether former US President Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden will debate before the November 5 elections have arrived at a conclusion. (AP)

In a fiery video posted on X, Biden proposed two debates, and even went on to mention Wednesday, a day when Trump’s hush money trial in New York City usually takes a break. According to Biden’s campaign, they proposed the debate in June because it would likely take place after trial’s conclusion, and POTUS’ return from the G7 Summit.

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“Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. Since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal,” Biden noted while making the announcement on social media.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, who is Biden’s campaign chair, sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates. She also suggested a debate among the vice-presidential candidates in late July.

Outlining conditions for the parleys between Biden and Trump, O’Malley Dillon said the debates “should be hosted by any broadcast organisation that hosted a Republican Primary debate in 2016 in which Donald Trump participated, and a Democratic primary debate in 2020 in which President Biden participated.”

She further stressed that it should be one-on-one debate and objected to the presence of any third-party candidates.

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Here’s what Trump has to say to his challenger

In a post on Truth Social, Trump blasted “crooked” Biden, calling him the “worst” debater he has ever faced.

Claiming that Biden “can’t put two sentences together”, Trump went on to say: “Crooked is also the WORST President in the history of the United States, by far. It’s time for a debate so that he can explain to the American People his highly destructive Open Border Policy, new and ridiculous EV Mandates, the allowance of Crushing Inflation, High Taxes, and his really WEAK Foreign Policy, which is allowing the World to “Catch on Fire”.”

Trump further noted that he is “ready and willing” to debate “crooked Joe at the two proposed times in June and September.”

He, however, strongly recommend more than two debates. “And for excitement purposes, a very large venue, although Biden is supposedly afraid of crowds – That’s only because he doesn’t get them. Just tell me when, I’ll be there. Let’s get ready to Rumble!!”

Biden accepts invitation for CNN-hosted debate on June 27, Trump responds

Following Trump’s post, Biden took to X to confirm that he has accepted invitation for CNN-hosted debate on 27 June.

“I’ve received and accepted an invitation from @CNN for a debate on June 27th. Over to you, Donald. As you said: anywhere, any time, any place.”

Quickly after Biden’s tweet, Fox News correspondent Brooke Singman reported that Trump told him that he is willing to debate Biden at a CNN-hosted event on 27 June in Atlanta.

“Trump tells me “I’ll be there” and says he’s “looking forward to being in beautiful Atlanta”,” she wrote.

CNN issues statement on Biden vs Trump debate

After both the leaders accepted the invite, CNN issued a press release stating Trump and Biden will face off in Atlanta studios on June 27 with no crowd present.

The showdown will begin at 9 p.m. ET. The network stated that the debate’s panelists would be revealed later.

Meanwhile, Biden’s re-election team has started selling T-shirts that read “Free on Wednesdays”, in reference to the day when Trump’s hush money trial usually take a break.

Reacting to Biden’s campaign post, one X user wrote: “I will buy a shirt Mr. President. I love your sense of humor. Btw, Thank you for not stealing from a kid’s cancer charity, sir. You are a man of honor and integrity. I speak for all Americans. “Free on Wednesdays” haha I love it.”

“Brilliant. Ordered mine,” another wrote.

“But is he awake on Wednesdays?” a third user quipped as Trump appeared to dozed off in the courtroom during his trial.


It will be interesting to see how everything plays out ahead of the presidential elections, as both leaders are aiming for the White House.

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