Donald Trump seeks mandatory death sentence for cop killers after Jonathan Diller’s murder: ‘Will ask Congress to…’

Donald Trump has called for a mandatory death sentence for cop killers in the aftermath of the murder of NYPD detective Jonathan Diller. Speaking at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the former president urged Congress to pass legislation to ensure that people convicted of murdering police officers are given capital punishment.

Donald Trump has called for mandatory death sentence for cop killers after Jonathan Diller’s murder (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File, New York City Police Department via AP)

“I will ask Congress to send a bill to my desk ensuring that anyone who murders a police officer will receive immediately the death penalty,” Trump told the crowd, drawing a standing ovation, according to New York Post. “We’re going to do that, and you’ll see the whole situation come to a halt.

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Diller, 31, was performing a routine traffic stop in Far Rockaway when he was shot dead after a confrontation ensued involving an illegally-parked vehicle. The suspect, Guy Rivera, 34, was later arrested and charged with murder of a police officer, attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

‘It’s hard to explain how beautiful it was’

“Stephanie, the whole family, was so incredible,” Trump said of Diller’s wife and loved ones. “The Diller family is so incredible.”

“It’s hard to explain how beautiful it was,” Trump said of the wake. “It was sad, horrible in so many ways, but the family – so many police officers in the family – Stephanie was incredible.”

Trump said that it was “amazing to see the love and the respect” for Diller, adding that “thousands of policemen and women went up to that funeral parlor” and that there were lined “for blocks and blocks” outside the site.

Trump called Diller’s one-year-old son, Ryan, “the most beautiful baby ever.” Describing Diller’s murder as “vicious,” he said the detective was “blown to pieces.”

After Diller’s death, Trump reportedly visited his family and prayed the Lord’s Prayer with them. He travelled to Long Island after being personally invited by Diller’s family. He offered his condolences to Stephanie and Ryan.

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