Donald Trump wants immigrants to United States from ‘NICE’ countries, but what are they?

While reiterating his vitriol against immigrants from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, former US President Donald Trump on Saturday bemoaned the lack of immigration to the United States from “nice” countries.

Speaking at a multimillion-dollar fundraiser at billionaire financier John Paulson’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, Donald Trump ranted against illegal migrants entering the United States.(AP)

Speaking at a multimillion-dollar fundraiser at billionaire financier John Paulson’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee started ranting about illegal migrants entering the United States.

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His criticism comes at a time when the Joe Biden administration is facing a massive backlash over migrants influx at the southern border.

Trump told the guest at a fundraiser that these people are “coming in from jails and countries that are disasters,” as per an attendee, NY TIMES reported.

At the dinner, Trump went on to say that they are entering the US from a country like Yemen, “where they’re blowing each other up all over the place.”

He also expressed his regret about the surge in immigration, especially from Latin America, stating that the members of gangs “make the Hells Angels look like really nice people.”

Claiming that most of them are residing on West Palm, the GOP leader declared, “They’ve been brought in, shipped in, deposited in our country, and they’re with us tonight.”

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What are the ‘NICE’ countries?

Trump further asked the guests that why doesn’t the United States allow people from “nice” countries such as Denmark, Switzerland and Norway.

“Nice countries, you know like Denmark, Switzerland? Do we have any people coming in from Denmark? How about Switzerland? How about Norway?” he said.

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Trump says Biden ‘soiled’ resolute desk of White House

Trump further chastised Biden and his staff for what he claimed were poor choices made in connection with the resolute desk and he held the incumbent president responsible for the surge of immigration.

“The Resolute Desk is beautiful,” Trump remarked, adding that it was used by Ronald Reagan and other presidents.

In 1880, the British Queen Victoria gifted the resolute desk to then President Rutherford B. Hayes. The desk was created using oak timbers of the British ship HMS Resolute, which was used during an arctic expedition to find explorer Sir John Franklin in 1852.

“And he’s using it. I might not use it the next time. It’s been soiled. And I mean that literally, which is sad.”

The attendee said that crowd at the dinner chuckled when they realised that Trump was suggesting that Joe Biden has defecated on the desk.

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