Dounia Batma case: Mohamed Al Turk decides on the custody of his daughters

In a recent statement, Mohamed Al Turk, ex-husband of Moroccan singer Dounia Batma, announced his intention to contest custody of his daughters following the arrest of their mother. This statement was made during a live broadcast on his official TikTok platform.

Al Turk revealed that he had hired three lawyers to defend his case, but refused to give further details regarding the steps taken. However, he stressed that the question of custody of his daughters was a personal matter that concerned only him.

According to sources close to the Bahraini producer, he is getting closer to realizing his wish, planning to reunite his five children under one roof in the near future.

Dounia Batma, who is the ex-wife of Mohamed Al Turk, was arrested recently, following an arrest warrant issued against her and her incarceration in accordance with a previous court decision. This decision follows the rejection of the artist’s appeal by the Court of Cassation.

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