Dragnet in Al Hoceïma: Arrest of a “Dealer” in possession of weapons and cocaine

The Royal Gendarmerie carried out a major raid in Al Hoceïma, putting an end to the activities of a drug trafficking network. During a coordinated operation between the units of the local judicial center and those of Imrabten, an individual suspected of being involved in this trafficking was apprehended.

The arrest took place last weekend, under the supervision of the regional commander and the brigade chief. The arrested man was accompanied by three accomplices in a vehicle. During the search, law enforcement discovered a significant quantity of cocaine as well as a firearm in his possession.

Despite the intervention of the gendarmes, the three accomplices managed to flee after making armed threats.

The authorities also confiscated the vehicle used, the firearm, as well as an assortment of bladed weapons, cartridges and falsified metal plates, attesting to the scale of the criminal activities of this network.

The suspect, placed in police custody, is now awaiting the results of the investigation carried out by the judicial authorities, under the supervision of the prosecution. The objective is to apprehend all individuals involved in this drug trafficking network and bring them to justice.

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