Drama in Marrakech: A Devastating Fire Breaks Out Following a Traditional Bath

A devastating fire sowed terror in Tasseltane, a town on the outskirts of Marrakech, last Thursday, following an innocent traditional bathing session. The flames, fanned by hostile weather conditions, wreaked havoc, injuring the owner of the house and causing the tragic loss of livestock.

The Drama’s Starting Point

The tragedy began when sparks from the wood used to heat a traditional bath sprung up, igniting an out of control fire. The owner of the house was injured and was rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

Heartbreaking Losses

Apart from property damage, the fire also had a tragic impact on animal life. Five heads of cattle that were in an adjacent barn perished in the flames, adding a layer of tragedy to this disaster.

The Heroism of Firefighters

Local firefighters responded quickly to the alert and began heroic efforts to bring the flames under control and prevent it from spreading to nearby homes. Their bravery saved other lives and minimized the damage.

The survey is open

An official investigation has been opened by the Royal Gendarmerie to determine the exact causes of the fire and to establish possible responsibilities. Authorities stress the importance of taking precautions when using traditional heaters, especially in dry and windy weather.

This tragic incident reminds everyone that safety must be a constant priority. Residents of Tasseltane and elsewhere are urged to be vigilant and scrupulously follow safety rules to avoid such tragedies in the future.

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