Educational Controversy: The Suspension of a Teacher Fuels Debates

In a decision which did not fail to arouse reactions, the announcement of the temporary suspension of Ali Hlou, coordinator of the “Unified Coordination of Teaching Corps and Support Staff in Morocco – Antenne Khénifra,” provoked a outcry within the educational community. This measure, deemed “arbitrary and vindictive,” raises harsh criticism from the teaching profession, who perceive it as a punitive response to the sustained commitment against the new education system.

Protest and Call for Immediate Action

The teachers, denouncing what they consider to be an “unjust” decision, call for the immediate withdrawal of the suspension and demand that Ali Halou’s case be submitted without delay to the disciplinary council. In this period of fierce struggle for educational rights, the educational community is mobilizing to contest what it describes as an “arbitrary decision.” »

Reasons for Suspension

The Regional Directorate of Education in Khenifra, reporting to the Ministry of Education, justifies the temporary suspension of Ali Halou by citing “non-educational and irresponsible behavior. » According to an official correspondence addressed to the teacher, the measure results from “the teacher’s refusal to receive the educational inspector during class visits. » This attitude, according to management, compromises the monitoring and evaluation of the educational process at the regional level.

A Categorical Refusal and Serious Consequences

The Regional Management emphasizes that Ali Halou’s gesture represents a “categorical refusal to fulfill his professional duty and a serious fault. » The teacher did not respond to the survey within the legal deadlines, thus constituting a “refusal to respond” in the eyes of the educational authorities. Consequently, the temporary suspension was decided from 11/23/2023, with the suspension of the monthly salary, with the exception of family allowances, pending the examination of his file by the competent disciplinary council.

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