Eid al-Adha in Marrakech: Taxis Sanctioned for Illegal Fare Increases

As Eid al-Adha approaches, tough measures have been taken against taxi drivers in Marrakech for offenses related to illegally increasing fares. A special team from the economic and social department of the Marrakech – Safi region carried out surprise inspections at several taxi ranks in the city, leading to the issuance of 13 fines and the withdrawal of 12 licenses.

These actions were praised by the local community for their quick and decisive response to the alleged abuse. The authorities were encouraged to maintain this presence on the ground to ensure compliance with the rules and protect the rights of citizens.

In a strong reaction, the Moroccan Forum for Human Rights – Regional Coordination of Marrakech – Safi denounced these abusive increases, calling them harmful for the most vulnerable citizens. They called for urgent intervention to restore the dignity of those affected and ensure accessible transport fares for all.

Authorities are now called upon to take additional measures to prevent such violations in the future, thereby ensuring adequate consumer protection and maintaining price stability during festive periods such as Eid al-Adha.

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