Eid al-Adha in Morocco: The Cry of Alarm from Cattle Breeders

In a recent statement, the President of the National Association of Livestock Breeders, Abdelhak Boutchichi, strongly called for the abolition of Eid al-Adha in the context of a shortage of resources. He stressed the urgent need to cancel this major religious celebration, particularly in the absence of the usual abundance of livestock in the market. This position raises debates and reflections regarding the supply of sheep for traditional rituals.

Boutchichi sharply criticized recent government measures announcing support for the importation of sheep from abroad. According to him, this initiative did not benefit local breeders, but rather favored importers. He expressed his dismay at the precarious situation of farmers who find themselves financially unable to bear the high costs of importing a sufficient number of sheep to meet the Eid al-Adha demand. .

This position is driven by deep concern about the economic impact on local ranchers and butchers. Boutchichi highlighted the harmful consequences of flooding the local market with cheap imported sheep, thus endangering the livelihoods of livestock and butchery professionals who rely heavily on this time of year for their income.

Finally, the president of the association highlighted the economic challenges faced by local breeders in a context where production costs remain high, while imported sheep are offered at advantageous prices. This situation raises concerns about the viability and sustainability of the livestock industry at the national level.

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