Eid Al-Adha: ONCF schedules around 240 trains daily

The National Railway Office (ONCF) is setting up a “Special Eid Al-Adha” system from Wednesday June 12 to Sunday June 23, 2024, with the scheduling of additional trains to reach approximately 240 trains/day serving the entire railway network .

Under this system, Al Boraq will operate an hourly schedule all day long, connecting the city of Tangier to Kenitra, Rabat and Casablanca from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (during peak days), with the aim of increasing the capacity of the places offered on the most popular slots, indicates the ONCF in a press release.

Al Atlas, for its part, will experience an increase in capacity in terms of seats and the scheduling of additional trains on the main axes of the railway network, namely Marrakech-Casa-Fez, Oujda, Nador, Khouribga and Safi.

This plan also provides for the strengthening of the teams responsible for welcoming and guiding passengers in stations and on board trains, as well as the technical teams who will be mobilized 24/7 to supervise the fluidity of train traffic.

Furthermore, the ONCF recommends to its customers, during this busy period, to anticipate the purchase of tickets and to buy the return ticket to avoid queues at the station and guarantee a seat at on board trains.

Thus, the purchase of tickets is possible via the various ONCF sales channels, in particular at stations, at ticket counters or at ticket vending machines (DAT), online on the merchant site “”, as well as as well as from local sales partner agencies (Chaabi Cash, Tasshilat and Cash Plus).

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