Eid al-Adha: Prices of Sacrifices Could Reach 250 Dirhams per Kilogram

Alarming reports from meat wholesalers reveal a worrying trend: prices for Eid al-Adha sacrifices in Morocco are exploding, surpassing even the darkest forecasts.

According to this worrying data, prices could reach unprecedented heights, with a kilogram of sacrificial meat climbing up to 250 dirhams. This meteoric escalation is fueled by a critical livestock shortage, propelling demand to unprecedented levels and causing prices to soar.

The factors for this dizzying increase are multiple: constantly increasing transport and breeding costs. Statistics reveal a meteoric rise in the price of wholesale lamb meat to 120 dirhams per kilogram, with an additional charge of 10 dirhams at each stage of the sourcing process, from farm to butcher.

This surge in prices presents citizens with an insurmountable financial dilemma, forcing them to desperately look for more affordable alternatives, such as purchasing in advance or exploring substitute options.

Faced with this imminent crisis, the authorities are strongly requested to take emergency measures to contain this surge in the price of sacrifices and guarantee their accessibility to all, in accordance with the monthly income of households.

Pressure is mounting as citizens prepare to celebrate Eid al-Adha amid economic uncertainty, hoping for a quick intervention to ease the financial burden on their shoulders.

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