Electric scooters and motorcycles in Morocco: what will change

The Moroccan government has introduced strict new regulations for electric scooters and motorcycles. This initiative, aimed at improving road safety, now prohibits two-, three- or four-wheeled motorcycles from towing trailers, and imposes high safety standards for these vehicles.

New Definitions and Regulations

The draft decree introduces the terms “motorized personal mobility vehicle” and “electrically assisted bicycle”. A motorized personal mobility vehicle is defined as a motorized bicycle without a seat, designed to transport a single person. These vehicles must have a steering device and be equipped with a non-thermal engine, with a maximum speed between 6 and 25 km/h.

Electric-assisted bicycles, for their part, are bicycles with two or more wheels, equipped with an electric motor with a power of less than or equal to 250 watts. The motor stops when the cyclist stops pedaling or when the speed reaches 25 km/h.

Mandatory Equipment

The decree also requires electric scooters and motorcycles to be equipped with various lighting and safety devices, including a night position light, a non-glare front light, a rear light, side and front reflectors, as well as an alarm device audible at 50 meters, a cumulative distance counter, and an anti-theft device.

Prohibitions and Dimensions

The new measures prohibit motorized personal mobility vehicles and motorcycles from towing trailers or pulling any load. The government transport authority will determine the maximum dimensions of these vehicles.

Reflectors on the Pedals

According to article 57 of the draft decree, the pedals of bicycles, electrically assisted bicycles, tricycles, quadricycles and motorcycles must be equipped with light reflectors, except for vehicles equipped with retractable pedals.

Security and Organization

These regulations aim to improve user safety and harmoniously organize the use of electric scooters and motorcycles on Moroccan roads. By clearly defining vehicle types and imposing safety standards, the government hopes to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure peaceful coexistence between all road users.

With these new measures, Morocco is taking a significant step towards more rigorous and secure management of new modes of urban transport.

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