Ex-UK PM Liz Truss endorses Donald Trump amid hush money trial: ‘I don’t think Biden…’

While Donald Trump arrived in the New York criminal court for his hush money trial, former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss declared that it “has to be” the former president in the White House following the November presidential elections.

Blasting incumbent Joe Biden, she said that he hasn’t supported the United Kingdom during his tenure as the US President.(AP)

Blasting incumbent Joe Biden, she said that he hasn’t supported the United Kingdom during his tenure as the US President. The ex-UK PM stressed that she would prefer to see a new president in the White House.

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Speaking to British news radio station LBC, Truss said: “I don’t think Biden has been particularly supportive to the United Kingdom. I think he’s often on the side of the [European Union].”

On being asked if it should be Trump in the White House, Truss said: “It has to be.”

Since departing 10 Downing Street in 2022, Truss, the shortest-serving PM in UK history, has been a strong supporter of American conservative politics.

Introducing her new book ‘Ten Years to Save the West’, Truss hailed policies that Trump introduced during his tenure.

Calling them “very effective”, the Tory said that the US witnessed higher economic growth than the UK because Trump liberated the US energy supply and reduced taxes and regulations.

She went on to say that Trump “was more effective at preventing aggressive regimes expanding, and I think we’d be in a different position if he got reelected in 2020.”

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Truss hopes to see a Republican in White House

Notably, Truss had never before publicly endorsed Trump by name. Last year, she penned an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal and voiced her support for a Republican president.

“I hope that a Republican will be returned to the White House in 2024,” she wrote.

She further called for conservative leadership in the United States, which is “bold enough to call out hostile regimes as evil and a threat.”

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In a speech at the U.S. Conservative Political Action Conference, she asserted that Republicans running for office “are more pro-Britain than the Democrats” and demanded the election of candidates “who aren’t going to cave into the establishment.”

During Truss’ tenure as prime minister, Trump once declared in an interview with GB News that he thinks “very highly” of her.

Later this week, Truss will travel to the United States to promote the American publication of her book. On April 22, she is set to give a speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank as part of her trip.

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