Extreme Heat in Marrakech: The authorities are mobilizing

Marrakech is experiencing an alarming rise in temperatures, placing civil protection authorities on high alert. The rise in mercury significantly increases the risk of fires, pushing the regional commander to intensify prevention and intervention measures.

Recent directives aim to strengthen vigilance and optimize the effectiveness of firefighting operations. This initiative comes as the summer period promises to be particularly critical for the security of homes, businesses and means of transport in Marrakech.

Last year, civil protection services recorded an alarming total of 25,408 interventions in Marrakech, including 930 dedicated to fighting fires. These figures underline the crucial importance of continued preparation in the face of seasonal challenges, as recalled by the regional civil protection directorate in its latest report published in March.

This intensive mobilization aims not only to prevent fires, but also to guarantee the safety of residents and infrastructure in the face of the extreme weather conditions currently prevailing in the Marrakech region.

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