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The announcement of the death of Kuwaiti artist Jawaher by Mai Al-Aidan after a great fight against illness in recent days.

Jawaher, the Kuwaiti artist

Mai Al-Aidan posted a message on her personal Facebook account, saying: “We belong to God, and to Him we will return. Kuwaiti artist Jawaher, whose real name was Manal Al-Musfir, died at the age of 45 after a fierce battle with stomach cancer. May God have mercy on her, forgive her sins and welcome her into His vast paradise. And may He grant him a beautiful home and forgive him his sins. »

Over the past few days, Jawaher has been suffering from illness, and his health has deteriorated significantly after his last operation a few weeks ago. Doctors decided to stop his treatment due to his body’s lack of response to the treatment. The illness had exhausted her body, and she no longer had the strength to withstand the effects of the medications.

Recently, Jawaher’s family revealed that she was battling illness and her health condition had worsened due to her battle with cancer that had devoured her body. The family shared a video of the late a few days before her death, with the caption: “The treatment of the Kuwaiti artist has been stopped, and she is now in the hands of the Almighty. We cannot answer calls, but we ask that you pray for her, as she greatly needs your prayers. »

It is worth noting that the late Jawaher had been living in Britain for some time to follow a specific treatment protocol prescribed by doctors to combat the cursed disease. However, her health has deteriorated recently, forcing her to undergo several delicate surgeries.

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