Faulty Phone Charger Triggers Devastating Fire in Fez

A faulty phone charger caused a major fire in an apartment in the “Al Marja” neighborhood of the Zouagha district in Fez. The flames ravaged the apartment, causing considerable material damage and severely damaging the building. Fortunately, no human losses were reported.

Residents of the apartment and some neighbours evacuated the premises in panic fearing the fire would spread. The incident caused fear among the residents, who fled to safety.

Quickly alerted, local authorities, the police and civil protection services intervened to control the fire. Thanks to effective coordination, the flames were contained, thus limiting the damage.

Initial investigations indicate that the faulty charger was the cause of the fire, causing a short circuit. An investigation has been opened to determine the exact circumstances and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Authorities took the opportunity to remind citizens of the importance of regularly checking the condition of their electronic devices, including mobile phone chargers. They recommend replacing any defective equipment immediately to avoid accidents.

This incident highlights the need to raise awareness about home safety and caution with electronic devices. The residents of Fez hope that such tragedies will not happen again in the future.

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