Fight Against Illegal Construction: Morocco Strikes Hard on its Beaches

Illegal Construction on Moroccan Beaches

In a determined move to preserve the integrity of its coasts, the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, recently declared the commitment of the Moroccan authorities to take strict measures against illegal construction on the Kingdom’s beaches.

Responding to a written question asked by Abdellah Bouano, head of the parliamentary group of the Justice and Development Party, Laftit stressed that local authorities will intensify their surveillance efforts to detect and punish urban planning and construction offenses on the coast.

Laftit specified that this initiative mainly aims to dismantle illegal constructions erected on public or private land, contrary to the urban planning laws in force. The authorities thus intend to enforce construction regulations and preserve protected areas.

Stressing the importance of rigorous application of the law, the Minister stressed that administrative and judicial measures will be taken against offenders, in accordance with the laws in force.

This campaign aims not only to protect the natural environment of the Moroccan coasts, but also to prevent negative economic and social repercussions. It underlines the Moroccan government’s commitment to preserving its natural resources and coastal heritage for future generations.

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