Floods in Casablanca: Streets Under Water Despite Warnings

Casablanca, Morocco’s economic metropolis, has once again been hit by devastating floods despite advance warnings from authorities. The torrential rains that fell on the city during the night from Friday to Saturday led to massive flooding in several neighborhoods.

Residents shared shocking images on social media showing streets transformed into torrents of water. Entire neighborhoods, such as Rahma, Mohammedia, Hiraouiyine, and Al Azhar in Sidi Bernoussi, were submerged, seriously affecting traffic and the daily lives of residents.

Motorists were confronted with roads transformed into real traps, with deep potholes and sections of roads submerged by rainwater. Traffic was seriously disrupted, causing delays and inconvenience for citizens.

These floods raise questions about the effectiveness of the city’s drainage infrastructure. Local authorities are called upon to take immediate action to remedy this situation and prevent future similar disasters.

In conclusion, the recent floods in Casablanca highlight the urgency of improving the city’s drainage and stormwater management systems. Rapid and concerted action is needed to ensure the safety and well-being of residents in the face of growing climate challenges.

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