Food Alert in Marrakech: Seizure of 300 kg of spoiled fish in Jemaa el-Fna

As part of a proactive action to preserve public health, authorities in Marrakech have intensified their surveillance efforts at fast food establishments following a tragic incident. Last Monday, during a joint operation, 300 kilograms of spoiled fish were seized in Jemaa el-Fnaa square, aiming to prevent its distribution to consumers.

According to information reported by the newspaper Al Massae, this measure comes after the death of six people caused by food poisoning. The investigation found that these deaths were linked to the consumption of a meal in the Mahamid region, highlighting the critical importance of food surveillance in the region.

Three individuals were arrested in connection with this case and were taken into police custody for further investigation. The lack of adequate refrigeration and sanitary conditions was identified as the main reason for the seizure of the fish shipment, highlighting the health risks to consumers.

Local sources stressed that the use of a cleaning truck was necessary to remove potentially dangerous fish, intended for sale to tourists. These events have highlighted the urgency of continuous monitoring of the quality of food offered for sale, particularly in places with high tourist numbers.

Local authorities have pledged to take tough action against those who compromise food security, affirming their commitment to protecting the health and well-being of citizens and visitors to Marrakech.

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