‘Give peace a chance’: Mark Ruffalo wears peace lily pin at DGA awards, calls for ceasefire in Gaza

While the glitter and splendor of Hollywood took centre stage at the 76th annual Directors Guild of America (DGA) awards at Beverly Hilton, ace actor Mark Ruffalo, along with other celebrities, wore pins that depict peace lilies and artists for ceasefire.

Calling for permanent ceasefire in Gaza, Ruffalo stressed millions of refugees in Rafah are facing major humanitarian crisis due to ongoing bombing.(X)

Calling for permanent ceasefire in Gaza, Ruffalo stressed millions of refugees in Rafah are facing major humanitarian crisis due to ongoing bombing and dearth of aid.

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On being asked at the event about the badge and its significance, Ruffalo said: “This is a peace lily, and this is an emblem for artists for ceasefire, which is calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. There are 1,200 Israelis dead and around 27,000 Palestinians… We have come to understand this bombing isn’t working.”

“We are not going to bomb our way to peace. And all we are saying is, you know, what’s wrong with giving a ceasefire a chance?” he added.

He further urged the world leaders to intervene as thousands of people are starving to death amidst the ongoing war, stressing that “we all should give peace a chance”. “We have a million refugees on the border of Rafah right now, who are looking at another bombing surge. And we have 400,000 people, starving to death right now, without any humanitarian aid being able to get in there.”

Ruffalo further warned the Joe Biden-led administration that the Israel-Hamas conflict will soon become a regional war and the United States would be dragged into it.

“So we are asking the leaders of the world, especially President Biden, to demand a ceasefire, a lasting ceasefire, and to give peace a chance instead of just continued bombing, the escalation of violence, and what will soon become a regional war that America will be dragged into,” he said.

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Nearly 12,300 Palestinian minors killed amid Israel-Hamas war

Israel’s attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip has resulted in the deaths of almost 12,300 Palestinian minors, the Health Ministry in the Hamas-controlled territory told Associated Press.

According to the ministry, minors made up about 47% of the 28,176 Palestinians killed so far in the war. Approximately 8,400 women have lost their lives in the conflict.

According to Israeli officials, around 1,200 people—mostly civilians—were killed during Hamas’ cross-border raid on October 7 and 250 were taken hostage by them.

Israel claims that approximately 100 captives are still held by Hamas, even though dozens were set free during the cease-fire in November.

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