Good News: Minimum Wage in Morocco Raised to 4500 Dirhams

Ghita Mezzour, Minister Delegate for Administrative Reform and Digital Transformation, announced a significant increase in the minimum wage for public sector employees in Morocco. This historic measure aims to increase purchasing power and stimulate the national economy.

In a meeting at the House of Representatives, Mezzour detailed that more than one million and one hundred and twenty-seven thousand employees will benefit from an increase of 1000 dirhams, spread over two stages. The first 500 dirhams will be paid as early as July this year, followed by an additional 500 dirhams in July 2025.

In addition to this salary increase, the Moroccan government is also planning a reduction in income tax starting in January 2025. This tax reform is intended to support workers by increasing their income by 400 dirhams, bringing the total increase for middle-class employees to 1,400 dirhams.

“This initiative aims to raise the minimum income in the civil service to 4,500 dirhams, reflecting our commitment to the economic well-being of our citizens,” Mezzour said.

Reactions to the announcement have been mixed, with some welcoming the move as a necessary step towards improving workers’ living conditions, while others expressing reservations about the financial burden it could represent in the long term.

Union representatives expressed satisfaction with the wage increase, although some stressed the need for additional measures to support workers on fixed incomes, especially in the current economic climate.

As Morocco continues to navigate a complex economic environment, analysts will be closely monitoring the impact of these measures on long-term economic stability. This decision marks an important step toward greater economic equity and enhanced social stability, affirming the government’s commitment to its citizens and their economic well-being.

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