Harvey Weinstein faces new allegations ahead of upcoming retrial this fall, more women come out to ‘expose’ him

Prosecutors working on Harvey Weinstein’s upcoming retrial informed that more women are willing to testify. This may result in more sexual assault allegations against Harvey right before his retrial scheduled in November. The former film producer will face the retrials in New York for his rape and sexual assault conviction in 2020.

Former film producer Harvey Weinstein faces new allegations ahead of retrial in November. (Curtis Means /Pool Photo via AP)(AP)

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Harvey Weinstein faces new allegation ahead of his retrial

Assistant District Court Attorney, Nicole Blumberg, informed the judge that several women who were not willing to speak up during Harvey’s 2020 trial are now ready to speak their truth. As reported by Variety, Blumberg said, “A number of women came forward to indicate they were raped by the defendant in Manhattan.” According to her, there is a “violent” and “trauma-informed” occurrence among the reported incidents that is covered by the statute of limitations.

The retrial was assigned after a 4-3 decision was made by New York’s highest court that the judge associated with Weinstein’s case had allowed too many women to testify in his 2020’s rape trial. This resulted in the reversal of his 23-year sentence which he was supposed to serve in New York. The prosecution expects a trial in November, however, the defence is trying to push it at the earliest.

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The defence argues prosecution’s intentional delay in the retrial

Weinstein’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, blamed the prosecution claiming that it is deliberately dragging the case until November. However, the prosecution denied stalling and said they are working hard to come up with witnesses.

Aidala also mentioned the former film producer’s health issues including heart and lung issues, spinal stenosis, eye problems, and high diabetes levels due to which he was wheelchair ed in his hearing in Los Angeles in 2022. He is still a convict with 16 years of sentence in Los Angels, however, he is staying in New York and refuses to go back for another trial.

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His lawyer in California, Jennifer Bonjean said the jury thought Weinstein was already guilty in New York when they made their decision to which The New York Court of Appeals disagreed and led to the overturned conviction.

Judge Jenny Rivera wrote in the jury’s majority opinion, “We reaffirm that no person accused of illegality may be judged on proof of uncharged crimes that serve only to establish the accused’s propensity for criminal behaviour,” wrote Judge Jenny Rivera in the court’s majority opinion. “It is an abuse of judicial discretion to permit untested allegations of nothing more than bad behaviour that destroys a defendant’s character but sheds no light on their credibility as related to the criminal charges lodged against them.”

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