Health Crisis in Morocco: Six Days of Strike in Public Hospitals

Moroccan public hospitals are paralyzed by a six-day strike, initiated by the national union coordination of the health sector, bringing together eight representative unions. This strike, announced in a press release, will take place three days a week, and includes regional and local demonstrations, as well as a boycott of health program reports and all meetings. A large march in Rabat, planned after Eid al-Adha, will go from the Bab El Had district to the Parliament.

Generalized Boycott in Case of No Response

The union coordination has threatened to resort to a general boycott if the government does not respond. This boycott would affect health programs, mobile units, medical caravans, elective surgical procedures, specialized consultations, collection of bill revenues, administrative hotlines, as well as all meetings with the administration and training sessions. training.

Broad Mobilization of Health Professionals

Health professionals, of all categories and regions, have widely participated in strikes and demonstrations, reflecting their dissatisfaction with a situation that they believe was deliberately created by the government. The union coordination praised their commitment and determination in this protest movement.

Rejection of Reforms Without Recognition of Claims

The press release emphasizes that health professionals refuse to engage in any future reform until their legitimate and agreed demands are met. They denounce the gap between government discourse on public health and real practices, which has generated unnecessary social conflict, affecting both citizens and health professionals.

Dates and Modalities of the Strike

The strike will continue on June 11, 12 and 13, 2024, as well as June 25, 26 and 27, 2024, except in emergency and intensive care services. These actions are accompanied by demonstrations to put pressure on the government and denounce its misleading speeches and its refusal to execute previously concluded agreements.

Context and Background

Over the past two weeks, health professionals have observed three-day strikes per week, in accordance with a program announced in a previous press release, expressing the same demands. This intense mobilization illustrates a persistent conflict with the government over the working conditions and rights of workers in the health sector.

The prolonged strike by health professionals highlights the crisis in the public health sector in Morocco, marked by unmet demands and strong union mobilization.

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