Hind Rajab’s mom tears up after Columbia Uni students rename Hamilton Hall to Hind Hall: ‘I started crying’

The mother of Hind Rajab, a six-year-old Palestinian girl who was killed by Israeli forces, has opened up after pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University renamed its iconic Hamilton Hall to Hind Hall. Student protesters were seen unfurling a banner, which read ‘Hind Hall,’ over Hamilton Hall’s facade.

Hind Rajab was a six-year-old Palestinian girl who was killed by Israeli forces (Palestine Red Crescent Society/ Family Handout via REUTERS) (via REUTERS)

In a video going viral on X, Rajab’s mom says, “I started crying because I wanted all of these movements and support to come while Hind was still alive.” She says that she hoped protests do not stop till a permanent ceasefire, adding, “Wake up now! Why are others like Hind still going through this?”

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What happened to Hind Rajab?

Rajab’s story came to light after a phone recording went viral on social media. The audio revealed the final moment of interaction the little girl had before her death.

Rajab, her aunt, uncle and three cousins tried to flee Gaza amid the violence when their car was targeted by Israeli tanks. Her relatives died, and she was the only survivor. Rajab’s mom and older sibling had reportedly fled on foot.

Rajab frantically reached out to emergency services for more than three hours. Her last words were, “I am so scared, please come,” before the call suddenly ended.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) dispatched two paramedics to help Rajab after her calls, but the paramedics died after their ambulance was destroyed. Rajab was later found dead, having been killed by shelling and gunfire.

Rajab’s mother told BBC in the past, “For every person who heard my voice and my daughter’s pleading voice, yet did not rescue her, I will question them before God on the Day of Judgement.”

She added, “Netanyahu, Biden, and all those who collaborated against us, against Gaza and its people, I pray against them from the depths of my heart.”

The PRCS alleged that Israel deliberately targeted the medical team, but the Israeli military dismissed the allegations. They denied involvement saying their forces were not in proximity to the vehicle when the incident took place.

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