‘Holy crap’: New Jersey Senate candidate deletes bizarre tweet on NYC earthquake after facing heat

Christina Amira Khalil, a Green Party member who is running for US Senate, was ruthlessly targetted for blaming the New York and New Jersey earthquake on climate change.

Christina Amira Khalil took to X and wrote: “I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real. The weirdest experience ever.”(X)

Soon after NYC and NJ were rattled by the quake, Khalil took to X and wrote: “I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real. The weirdest experience ever.”

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However, the congressional hopeful’s post remained on X for a few hours as she deleted it after facing a backlash on social media. The X community also fact-checked her claim, providing the real reason for the event.

Several prominent politicians ridiculed Khalil over her post that quickly went viral on social media and garnered millions of views.

She replaced her controversial tweet with one simply describing her shocking response to quake.

“My entire life in NJ, I have never experienced anything like this,” she tweeted.

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‘What a snowflake’: Khalil faces ire over NYC quake post

Taking to X, GOP Congressman Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, wrote, “Holy crap. I was just joking about people blaming climate change and then this genius pops up. A Senate candidate no less!”

Calling Khalil a ‘moron’, conservative commentator Paul Szypula clarified, “Climate doesn’t cause earthquakes – they’re caused by tectonic plates shifting. This woman is a moron.”

Pro-Trump influencer “Brick Suit” blasted Khalil for blocking him after he asked her to explain her position that quake was caused by ‘the climate crisis.’ “What a snowflake,” he tweeted.

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Kyle Mann, the Babylon Bee Editor-In-Chief Kyle Mann, “Gonna have a call with my Babylon Bee writers to figure out how we failed to come up with ‘the earthquake was caused by climate change’ before the libs did.”

Conservative author Carmine Sabia in a tweet urged her followers to not pay heed to people like Khalil as earthquakes have been happening for billions of years.

“The hilarious part is, she’s doubling down on this climate, change and earthquake link with links to stories. Earthquakes have been happening for billions of years. But now it’s the climate. I keep telling you these people are not serious. Pay no attention to them.”

After fact-checking her post, the X community wrote: “NJ is located near a fault line, and has often experienced earthquakes.” Khalil replied saying, “Pretty cool, I upset a lot of bots.”

New Jersey Governor blasted for not returning to state after quake

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy faced intense criticism for not returning to the Garden State following the historic earthquake.

Speaking to Fox News, Rep. Jeff Van Drew, N.J.-R, said Murphy did not address the residents via press conference but only held few TV and phone interviews,

“We haven’t heard from the governor”, Drew stated, assuming that “maybe it’s good he didn’t come” because Murphy increases fees taxes and tolls whenever he comes to New Jersey.

He further stressed that he should have traveled back to the state to ensure people that they are safe.

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