How to access GPT-4o’s voice mode? OpenAI CEO Sam Altman explains this

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, recently commented on X (formerly Twitter) to answer questions on the newest voice feature of ChatGPT-4o. People have complained that it still behaves like the ChatGPT-4 version, despite the fact that the upgrade was supposed to be available for a week.

Sam Altman, US entrepreneur, investor, programmer, and founder and CEO of artificial intelligence company OpenAI which is parent of ChatGPT.(AFP)

“My account displays ChatGPT 4o as an option in my iOS app and the browser; however, when I select it and attempt to use the voice feature, it just uses the standard ChatGPT 4 voice mode, and when I text with it, it behaves the same as ChatGPT 4. I am sure these bugs will be worked out. However, it is annoying to have it show that I have access to the feature but then not be able to use it,” complained one user on the official OpenAI site.

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For many, it was showing “ChatGPT error” or “Sorry, I’m having issues right now. Our systems are experiencing a heavy load. Please try again later.”

With these rising complaints CEO Altman took to the internet and responded, “Also for clarity, the new voice mode hasn’t shipped yet (though the text mode of GPT-4o has). What you can currently use in the app is the old version.

The new one is very much worth the wait.”

What did netizens have to say?

One XX user sparked debate online by commenting, “Why not just wait a few weeks until it’s ready before announcing it?”

Another one urged: “Please release it quickly. Can’t tease us like that :((.”

While others gushed over the new feature, “Brooo, it can speak and understand Albanian… My mom and dad will love this!!!!!”

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OpenAI has been garnering a lot of attention with the departure of its co-founder, lIya Sutskever, following another executive, Jan Leikeal.

Sutskever departure has been very amicable, with CEO Sam Altman saying “OpenAI would not be what it is without him” and calling Ilya one of the “greatest minds of our generation.”

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