Increased Heat Risk: Who is Most Vulnerable?

Professor Philippe Balliev, deputy director general of the National Center for Medical Research on Cardiac Diseases, warned that heat poses an increased danger to the lives of people suffering from chronic diseases.

According to the professor, individuals affected by chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or problems with blood circulation to the brain should especially take precautions in hot weather to avoid adverse effects on their health. In addition, those who work outdoors or live on the upper floors of skyscrapers should also be careful.

Risk Groups

People over 75, single people, urban residents and those living in environmentally unfavorable areas (such as near highways) as well as those working outdoors are most vulnerable, according to the professor. Individuals who engage in intensive physical activities, such as farmers, are also at high risk. People with chronic diseases, as well as those with psychological disorders such as depression, are also at risk.

Alarming Statistics

Although often overlooked as a natural disaster, heat causes more annual deaths than all other disasters combined. Heat-related deaths are increasing due to heart attacks, strokes, and worsening of pre-existing conditions.

Precautions to take

To cope with the heat without serious consequences, it is essential to drink enough water, even if you do not feel thirsty, which is especially crucial for older people whose feeling of thirst decreases. People who have to limit their fluid intake should monitor their weight carefully.

Additional Tips

Reducing intense physical activities, wearing light-colored, lightweight clothing made from natural fabrics, covering the head and taking cold showers are also recommended to protect against excessive heat.

In conclusion, staying vigilant and taking preventative measures can save lives during periods of intense heat. Increased awareness and adequate preparation are essential to protect the most vulnerable people in our society from the devastating effects of summer heat.

This crucial information needs to be widely disseminated to ensure the safety and well-being of all during periods of high temperatures.

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