Inezgane in turmoil: Donkey carts, traditional symbols or modern obstacles?

Controversy rages in the streets of Inezgane while carts pulled by donkeys for transporting citizens are at the heart of a lively debate. Residents express their frustration with this traditional practice which divides the community.

According to testimonies collected on the ground, the absence of small taxis or “cochias” in the city forces residents to use these carts as their main means of transportation. Although these vehicles have become iconic in the region, many question their relevance in a modern society.

In addition to concerns related to the city’s image, this practice raises economic concerns. Indeed, most cart owners live in precarious conditions, raising questions about the economic viability of this industry.

Faced with this situation, calls for the modernization and diversification of transport are increasing. Residents are demanding alternatives more suited to contemporary needs, such as small taxis, to meet the demands of a changing society.

However, the issue remains complex, requiring a delicate balance between preserving local traditions and promoting economic progress. Local authorities are called upon to play a crucial role in finding equitable solutions for all stakeholders.

In short, the debate on the use of donkey carts in Inezgane is only just beginning. As the city seeks to adapt to the demands of modernity, it must also ensure that it preserves its cultural heritage and ensures the well-being of its population.

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