Internet shocked as woman offers to rent out half of her bed for 658 USD in Toronto: ‘So ridiculous’

A woman’s offer to rent out half of her bed amid soaring house rents in Toronto has surprised social media users. Toronto-based realtor Anya Ettinger highlighted a post that was shared on Facebook Marketplace, where a person had offered to rent out half a bed for 900 Canadian dollars (658.10 US dollars) a month.

A woman’s offer torent out half of her bed amid soaring house rents in Toronto has surprised social media users (Pixabay – representational image)

”Looking for an easy-going female to share the master bedroom and the one Queen-sized bed. I have been previously sharing the bedroom which only has one queen size with a roommate I found on Facebook, and it worked out perfectly well,” the post, which has now been deleted, read.

Anya shared the post on Instagram. Shocked, she emarked, “Just when you thought the Toronto market couldn’t get any worse, it did. This is so unhinged. Renting out a space in your bed for 900 [Canadian] dollars a month? No wonder so many people hate it here.”

‘But not many people have a choice’

Speaking with CTV News Toronto, Anya said, “I think it shows really how sad it is here. I mean people are – rightfully so – so committed to staying in the city that there is a market for stuff like this. Truthfully, you know, with the other videos I posted too of absurd rentals, people just saying, ‘Well, just don’t rent it.’ But not many people have a choice.”

In Toronto, which reportedly ranks as the second-most expensive housing market in Canada, the average cost of a one-bedroom property is $2,614 a month, according to New York Post.

Shocked users commented on Anya’s post, with one saying, “Not only is the listing absurd, but what’s more appalling is that she’s looking for a replacement, meaning, someone, somewhere, thought this was okay and rented the ‘space’. “That’s weird,” one user said, while another wrote, “So ridiculous !!!” “So crazy,” one said.

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