Is Prince Harry homesick? ‘Considers returning to UK’ as he ‘misses’ working royal life

Whispers of a potential return to the UK for Prince Harry have emerged, sparking questions about his current life in California and his long-term plans. While official confirmation is lacking, speculation suggests a sense of “boredom” in his current situation, potentially leading him to consider a temporary move back to his home country. Author Tom Quinn suggests that Prince Harry sees staying active in the royal family during his father’s cancer treatment as a way to stay impactful and relevant.

Prince Harry: Britain’s Prince William and Britain’s Prince Harry are seen.(AP)

Royal expert claims Prince Harry misses working Royal life

“Harry does miss being a working royal – being a royal is the only thing he is trained to do and he is getting very bored in California,” Quinn told The Mirror in an exclusive. “He knows that to retain his value and the interest of the world he is better off not being a retired royal so offering to come back to help out at least reminds the world who and what he is.” The author/expert claimed.

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Harry is ‘considering’ moving to the UK

The author also suggests that although Harry is considering returning to the UK, he’s aware that Meghan strongly opposes the idea. Despite residing in California, Harry, known for his rebellious nature, has reportedly shown interest in resuming his royal duties, particularly after learning about his father King Charles’ cancer diagnosis. According to the author, Harry was “visibly shocked” and upset upon hearing the news, prompting him to immediately want to offer assistance. However, given the couple’s history of criticizing the Royal Family in recent years, Harry likely anticipated that his offer would be met with rejection.

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There is too much ‘bad blood’

Prince Harry reportedly thought about suggesting a part-time royal role split between the UK and the US, even though Meghan Markle strongly opposed it.‌ “Harry knows he will never be allowed to be a permanent part-time working royal staying six months in the States and then six months in the UK,” the expert said. “The family no longer trusts him and, besides, Meghan is absolutely against it. There is far too much bad blood now for it to be even a remote possibility.” They further added.

Last week, following his visit to the UK to see his sick father, Prince Harry launched his official website, sparking controversy due to its royal ties. Shortly after, he expressed his desire for a reunion with the royals in an interview on Good Morning America, which was followed by reports of his willingness to return to royal duties, promptly denied by Palace sources.

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