Israeli hostage Hanna Katzir, 76, dies shortly after Israel and Hamas reach deal to free some captives

The Palestinian group Islamic Jihad has announced that a 76-year-old Israeli, Hanna Katzir from Nir Oz, has died. Katzir and her adult son, Elad, were captured during the October 7 Hamas attack. The terror group had previously said they “did everything” to care for her and her fellow hostages. The announcement comes shortly after Hamas and Israel reached a tentative deal to free some hostages from Gaza.

The Palestinian group Islamic Jihad has announced that a 76-year-old Israeli, Hanna Katzir from Nir Oz, has died (Facebook)

“We previously expressed our willingness to release her for humanitarian reasons, but the enemy was stalling and this led to her death,” Al Quds Brigades said on its Telegram channel.

“In light of this announcement, we renew our affirmation of renouncing our responsibility towards our enemy prisoners in light of the barbaric and frenzied bombing of every inch of the Gaza Strip,” the spokesman added, according to The Messenger.

Earlier this month, videos of Katzir circulated by Islamic Jihad were accompanied by a message saying the group would release her, as well as another 12-year-old boy, on humanitarian and medical grounds

While it has been reported that as per a tentative deal Hamas will release some of the hostages, when the truce will begin is unclear. “Details on when the pause starts are still unclear,” a source told CNN. Some Americans, too, are expected to be among those who will likely be released. The Americans include a three-year-old girl named Abigail, and two other women.

The terms of the deal say that Israel must agree to a five-day pause in its offensive to have the hostages released. Hamas said they would release 50 hostages, including babies, toddlers [and] mothers.”

“The Israelis rightly insisted that Hamas must ensure, and as did we, the release of all women and children,” a senior administration official said, according to New York Post.

“US and Israel “believe[s] that the number of hostages in this category being held by Hamas are higher than 50, and the deal has also been structured to incentivize releases beyond the 50, even in this initial phase,” the official added. 

The temporary ceasefire could reportedly be extended if Hamas releases more than 50 hostages.

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