Italian Interior Minister Sees Morocco as Country of ‘Strategic Value’

Italian Interior Minister Sees Morocco as Country of ‘Strategic Value’

Rabat – The Kingdom of Morocco has been affirmed as a country of strategic value for Italy, according to Matteo Piantedosi, the Italian Minister of the Interior. This statement followed a meeting in Rabat with his Moroccan counterpart, Abdelouafi Laftit.

During a press briefing, Piantedosi highlighted the collaborative efforts between the two interior ministries, emphasizing joint initiatives in addressing migration issues, combating illegal immigration, and enhancing security coordination.

The discussions were an opportunity to tackle “topics of great importance” and to revitalize the joint working group comprising officials and representatives from both nations. This group aims to address common interests and strengthen bilateral relations.

Piantedosi also extended an invitation to Laftit to visit Italy, further cementing the cooperative bond between the two countries.

The meeting saw both ministers review various bilateral issues and deliberate on significant regional concerns, especially those pertaining to the Mediterranean region. They underscored the necessity of bolstering the cooperation dynamic, particularly in security and migration.

Both sides agreed on the importance of enhancing channels for exchanging expertise to better anticipate and counter the threats and challenges posed by terrorist networks and transnational organized crime groups.

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